Spec86 / NASA Cage Build for Subaru BRZ

At eFab, winter is good for one thing—track car preparation work. We were excited to get a new platform in the shop for exactly that purpose—a Subaru BRZ destined to compete in both NASA and Spec86 for 2016 and beyond. As such, the co-drivers needed a roll cage that would satisfy both regulations.

If that was the only stipulation, the job would’ve been relatively straight-forward. However, the two drivers differed dramatically in height and some clever fabrication came into play to make this cage extra special.

Overall, we couldn’t be happier with how the cage turned out and we’re excited to see this BRZ surprising more than a few higher horsepower machines through the corners. Check out the video above from Unscene Media Group as a little behind the scenes look of the cage in progress!

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