In the Shop: A Wide Array of BMW M

Summer is in full swing at eFab Motorsports and we’ve been happy to service some very special cars across such a wide spectrum.

First and foremost, we had an Evolve Automotive M600 E92 M3 visit to dial in and diagnose some long-standing gremlins prior to a series of track days. This is certainly one of the more potent supercharger options available on the market and it’s a joy to see it getting properly used and that plenum is just a gorgeous thing to see. Silver Apex EC-7 compliment the Silverstone II exterior quite nicely as well.

Its silver E46 brethren came by for some regular maintenance—a cooling system refresh and brand new brakes—to ensure it could survive some upcoming rigorous road rallies. Is it just me or is the E46 is looking better and better as it ages?

To round out the gamut, an uber rare individual E46 came in to get some detailing love. The car was obviously taken care of very well, but the new owner wanted the car to be absolutely flawless before enjoying it throughout the warm summer months in Chicago. After a healthy ten hours of paint correction, the car was gleaming and ready for delivery. I’d say it was a very rewarding week at the shop!

Photos by Unscene Media Group.

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