Old Car, New Surprises

Project cars always find a way to surprise you at the least opportune moment. In the case of this Techno Violet E36 M3, it was supposed to be a routine steering wheel installation to get rid of the factory boat unit. But underneath the skin, we soon found that task to be more difficult than we thought.

The stock steering wheel put up a great fight to remove—largely because the 16mm bolt that kept it affixed to the hub was deformed. As a result of the previous owner applying a great deal of twisting force to presumably get the wheel on, it had worn the teeth on the spindle down. Although this car may not see track time, the condition of the spindle was enough reason to worry.

To be thorough, a new OEM spindle was ordered along with the associated “might as well replace” bearings and the new steering wheel from Renown USA went on with ease.

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Photos by Unscene Media Group.

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