Persistence is Key

When it comes to cars, they can often be a source of boundless joy and devastating heartbreak. This BRZ came to the shop during one of those all too familiar lows, having been plagued by an annoyingly common axle failure (there times over) and a mystery oil leak.

Since this car ends up playing double duty as a daily driver and track weapon, we opted to swap to some more robust axles from Driveshaft Shop rated for much higher horsepower levels. In addition to these, some CV boots from a Porsche 930 were fitted as well. As simple as this should’ve been, we discovered that the aftermarket 1.5-way differential unit from Tomei had unfavorable levels of play in it. As a result the diff POURED out fluid. After months of going back and forth with Tomei to try and get a replacement unit after they admitted it was out of spec, we ultimately decided to re-install the stock Torsen. After this, everything worked like a dream as it should’ve from the beginning.

After this was sorted, we took the time to give the engine bay a thorough clean to make spotting the oil leak culprit a lot easier. Whatever the problem was left oil strewn all over the bay and difficult to pinpoint. Happily, we found that it was something easily sorted—a faulty o-ring seal from the Jackson Racing oil cooler adapter.

We were also able to identify a slow electrical drain from the car’s air cup system. Per the owners request, we removed the system altogether, re-installed the coilovers with fresh front springs, and popped in a fresh Optima yellow top battery for good measure.

The car was at our shop on and off for a few months working through issues that didn’t seem to want to go away, but our persistence, attention to detail, and care paid off immensely. We are proud to see this BRZ back on the road better than ever and can’t wait to see it back on the track next season!

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